Ceremony Questionnaire

Interested in going deeper on your own healing quest in a safe and supportive community? Become a member of Colibri Heal In.

Fill out the membership application with honest offering. This membership is about commitment to yourself and others. Membership includes access and discounts to events, merchandise, and programming at our retreat center in McDonough, GA as well as internationally.

Membership Application

So grateful that you’re taking this step towards enhancing your life.

Being that you even made it to this point of the website means that you are ready to take the next step in actualization. Please take care in filling out the application below. Once submitted, allow 1-2 weeks to receive notification from a member of the Colibri Heal In staff.

Permanent Address

General & Mental Health Information

Family & Mental Health History

If you or any of your family has a history of any of the following, please indicate and briefly describe.

Trauma History

How often have you experienced each of the following in the last two months? (0 = Never, 3 = Often)

Strengths & Areas of Growth

Treatment Healing History

Why Us? Why Now?

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