Curacion Inipi (Sweat-Lodge Healing)


This is a special outdoors life coaching retreat. 3 days in the woods camping and healing. (Fri – Sun) There will be a pre-retreat consultation to access your health prior to partaking in this journey.



We will camp out in the woods for 3 days where we will be partaking in sacred sweat-lodge (inipi) ceremony, cleansing with natural herbs, daily one on one sessions, fire and water ceremonies, teachings about the inipi, floral aura baths, sacred songs, vision arrows, meditations and much more……..

You will need to bring: Hiking boots, sunglasses, insect repellant, toilet paper, change of clothes (3 days), fleece or wool sweater, personal journal, instrument (drum or rattle), and the desire for self transformation.

We will cook our breakfast lunch and dinner together using the cooking time as session time for going deeper into the opening of your transformation. All food will be provided for you. There will be a total of 2 sweats lead by an elder.

The breakdown of the entire retreat will be mailed to you once you register.


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