Meet the ApprenticeRainha Elissia Marche Olugbala

For some time I lived in a cycle of having a goal, being discouraged by limitations, doing something I didn’t want to do in order to eventually achieve the goal, ultimately to give up and create a new plan/ goal and cycle again. Eventually I was fed up with myself and my disappointing cycles and I knew that I had to do something different to get new results. On my 24th birthday I opened myself up to the Divine Flow which simply means I became more in harmony with nature. I observed how all of nature cycles and evolves most of the time while being still and allowing the elements to nurture. In my life this translated to dropping my ego, really getting to know myself on a higher level, releasing control and surrendering to Divine will. By walking my path in this way, I was able to flow into the puzzle piece moments that led me to where I am today. Plant teachers have played a tremendous part in my growth by opening my mind’s eye to the bigger picture of my gifts, purpose, ancestral connection and community. My journeys have fortified my spirit, brought clarity to my mind, and removed doubt and anxiety. The medicines have brought light to simplicities that add up to major shifts in my transformation. They have assisted me in activating my power to use my voice as a tool of manifestation and to write my story of life with faith, compassion, and innerstanding. For over a third of my life I have heard the calling of the medicine woman and now, a year into my soul’s purpose I can confidently say that a plant-based holistic lifestyle is the best choice one can make for the wellness of the mind, body, and soul. The whole can not be well if a part is ill and the Divine Creator gave us all we need to be whole, well & wonderful. It brings me great joy to assist others in bringing harmony and balance to their lives because I strongly hold the value of Ubuntu- I am because we are.
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