Meet the ApprenticeAngela Kunz

My journey began with me and wanting to discover who I am. I grew up the oldest of 8 kids and so my life was constantly surrounded by other people, taking care of other people, and learning how to be there for everyone around me. It was a natural skill that I developed growing up; so responsibility for others was molded into my personality. So, when I moved out of my parents house the real journey of learning about me began. Along the way I began to develop a deep interest in self discovery and exploration both inside of myself as well as outside of myself. I started my own business at 21 and quit working for corporate America at 22. I ran a full time business from my home making energy tools, facilitating Reiki sessions, and practicing body work such as massage therapy and craniosacral. When this became successful quite quickly I knew there was more to life and to myself so I started to take risks. Those risks lead me to travel the world and explore SE Asia as well as India. I studied Vipassana meditation in SE Asia and Kundalini yoga in India. During that journey I began to discover myself more. I called in this journey on an even deeper level when ceremony and medicine work entered my life. I then started to sit in ceremony regularly. My first sessions were with Kambo and within days following I found myself also praying with Grandma. When I made my way back to the U.S.A. I called in more self discovery through medicine work which lead me to working with the Native American Church and Grandfather. I’ve sat on numerous occasions in a teepee and eventually that work guided me to working with Yawasoe. The work I began to do with him inspired my entire life and the direction I was stepping into. My life became about sitting and then integrating everything I learned into my day to day life afterwards. I learned quickly that I am the medicine. I heavily saturated myself in this experience of self understanding, love, and empowerment. Every day my life became about learning about myself, discovering my own inner magic, and practicing many techniques and ways of quieting my mind and learning how to clean, take care of, and heal my body, mind and spirit as well as enjoy my life more. It was an emotional journey of purification healing ancestral wounds and societal conditioning and programming as well as showing up for my life and those in my life. Eventually, my life began to ask me to expand bigger and step into sharing what I had learned with those around me. Through sharing myself I have been able to empower myself and in turn show up and empower those around me. Helping others to see their truths and heal on deep levels so they can step into the magic they hold and possess is my biggest lives passion. It has brought so much joy and gratitude to my life and so I keep showing up and letting life unfold ready to inspire anyone ready to listen along the way.

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