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Ceremonies are codes. They are an alchemical patterning of holistic intelligence that invoke, through resonance, new patterns of response within the cerebral cortex, creating powerful …

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The Art of Letting Go

The art of letting it go Is the art of letting shit flow The art of knowing that everything works out You don’t have to …

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Death and Spiritual Warfare

Death is Not The End Fight the Battle Within Let New Life Begin High Low Light Dark Inner Outer Black White Life Death Opposite polarities …

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A Reason to Grow//

On this path of life I lone to get it right As each day pass I look for the light That finds me in my …

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Illusion of Time

by Erin Autecia Neal What is time? According to Webster, it is a measured or measurable period during which an action, process or condition exists …

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Journey 1

I always heard things don’t come around twice. I now know that this statement isn’t completely fact. See, when I first moved to Atlanta, I …

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