AboutYawasoe ShuriOshinipa Sinkalip

Medicine Man • Counselor • Father • Friend • Coyote • Hue-man

As an Onanya, I have been serving individuals and groups for over 20 years

Within a spiritual paradigm coming from teachings of the Sacred Grand Mothers and Sacred Grand Fathers of beautiful spirit healing communities and traditions from around the world. It was the power of their simplicity that helped me heal many past issues. It is with much hard work and celebration that I bring this knowledge of my own self work to others.
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I know what it means to be stuck in life and just simply need someone to invest in you on a deeper level.

Sometimes we just need someone to help cushion the falls or help put things back together again. I myself have suffered from depression and have figured out some simple ways to reverse this thing called depression.Treating my depression began with the Native American Church and their many healing methods. I then turned to the medicine workers and curanderas of South America where I learned the non-western way of looking at many of the psychological issues that most human beings face today. I realized that working on finding happiness was not the answer to my depression. The plants in the jungle reminded me that to heal, I must start first with my own vitality of my mind, spirit, body and soul. My main attention is healing core issues of life by harmonizing Attitude, Awareness, and Authenticity.

My Goal as a life assistant is to mirror and investigate the stories which make up your life.

From a young age I have been interested in helping people overcome the many challenges of life. It amazed me to see the power of thought and ritual shift the reality of that pain and suffering to light. I have spent many years studying the human mind through ritual.

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